How do I know I'm ready to start a workout?

After your rowers have connected their phones or tablets to their rowing machines, check that every rower shows up as green and "Connected" on your Roster tab, like the following.

If anyone has a red bar next to their name, they should be checked before starting. Tap the red circle near the bottom right of the screen to find out the issue that may need your attention.

Once connected, RowHero will record every programmed piece, including “Single Time,” “Single Distance,” and any combination of intervals. Just Row pieces are not recorded. 

Some of my athletes don't have a good Internet connection. Will RowHero still record their workouts?

RowHero uses very little bandwidth to save workout results, but in the event that the athlete's connection is not strong enough, RowHero will continue to try to upload the workout until it is successful.

One of my rowers is unable to save their workout (e.g. they forgot their phone, it ran out of battery, and so on). What should I do?

If for some reason a piece is not recorded, then you as a coach have the option to add the result manually.

On the rankings page for a particular piece, tap on the name of the rower you’d like to add a result for. You’ll see a spot to enter the total distance/time and the rate for that piece.

Once you’re done, tap Save to add them to the current rankings.

My athletes recorded a warm-up piece that I don't care about. Can I get rid of it from the overall team average?

Yes! Navigate to the workout you want to ignore a piece from, and then use the "Workout" button at the top of the screen to navigate to the piece you want to ignore.

Then tap on the 3 dots in the top right of the screen and select "Hide Piece X from Workout." In a few seconds, the piece will be ignored, and team averages will be recalculated.

One of my athletes needs to make-up an old workout. How can I get their result to be ranked with the rest of the team?

RowHero operates on the idea of an "active" team workout. When athletes record piece results, they are saved to this active workout.

Only one team workout can be active at a time, so doing a make-up workout requires that old workout to become active again.

To do this, go to your team's "History" tab and select the workout you need to record a make-up for. Tap on the 3 dots on the top right of the screen and select "Make Workout Active." After a few seconds, the workout will be active again, ready to accept new results.

It is currently not possible to record a make-up workout for one athlete while the rest of the team does another workout. Please reach out to if this is your goal.