RowHero disconnected from the PM5 in the middle of my workout. What happened?

Here are a couple of things to check to ensure that RowHero collects all the data you want it to.

  1. Minimize the number of other Bluetooth connections you have. RowHero records a lot of information related to your workouts, so the connection can be data-intensive, especially during higher stroke-rate pieces. If you find that RowHero has a tendency to disconnect from the rowing machine in the middle of your workout, check if you are also using Bluetooth for other operations, like listening to music or video through wireless headphones. You may find that disconnecting these devices resolves the problem.

  2. Keep the screen on during the workout. While RowHero is programmed to work even if the screen turns off, sometimes data may be missed.

If you consistently encounter issues with particular phones or rowing machines, please contact for more help.