Quick Start: Your First Workout

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Here we'll walk you through how to get started with RowHero, starting from the initial download, all the way to completing your first workout.

What is RowHero?

RowHero is the world's best service to collect your erg data and turn that data into speed. It starts as a digital workout journal, and for every workout you'll see a summary report that highlights opportunities for growth in one of three areas: fitness, technique, and pacing.

RowHero Set Up

If your coach sent you a link to use the app, use that link to go to the App Store or Play Store, because it will automatically join your team when you start the app.

Otherwise, download RowHero from the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android).

Launch the app and set up your account for the first time. Tap on Sign Up For Free Speed. Then tap the A Rower button. (Note: if you're not sure if you want to set up a team now or later, keep in mind you can always do this after you sign up.)

If you have a join code for a team, you can enter it as part of the sign-up process. If not, tap Skip This Step.

When you're done, provide a user name, password, and you'll land on your Home Screen.

Your First Workout

To get a quick overview of how to use RowHero for your first workout, check out the video below, or read the rest of this article.

To start a workout quickly, navigate to your Home Screen by tapping the icon in the top left and tapping My Workouts. You should end up at the screen below.

Tap on the Workout tab.

You may be asked where you want to record this workout:

  • Team NameChoose this when your teammates and you are doing a workout, or your team has been assigned a workout to do on your own.
  • Private. Choose this not to share your workout results with anyone.

Then you'll need to connect to the PM5.

Tap the Connect button on the monitor. (Some older monitors may require two steps: tap on More Options, then Turn Wireless ON.)

In Private mode, RowHero will connect to the first erg monitor it sees.

In Team mode, RowHero will not do this. Instead, hold your phone against the PM5 monitor like in the picture below to connect quickly.

Next, start a New Workout (single piece or intervals; time, distance, calorie, or variable) to start recording:

Finally, you can either use your phone to look at one of our Live Workout Views (Pacing, Force Curve) or turn off the screen. Either way, leave your phone as close to the monitor as possible to make sure your piece is recorded.

Complete all the pieces you need to as part of your workout. You can set up multiple new pieces on the monitor and still have it all recorded as one workout.

When you are done, press Finish Workout to confirm the end of your workout. You can review your statistics quickly; then press Save and Disconnect to disconnect from the monitor.


RowHero doesn't see the PM5. Hold down the Menu button for 5 seconds to reset the monitor. Then enter Connect mode again, and RowHero should be able to see the monitor.

PM5 Error Code. If the PM5 shows an error code while trying to connect, hold down the Menu button for 5 seconds to reset the monitor. Usually this should resolve the problem.

If it doesn't resolve the issue, choose a different erg.

The piece isn't saved. In rare cases, your phone might kill the RowHero app if you leave the screen off. If this happens, you can save the piece by importing the results from memory.

Tap on the Concept2 Memory > link on the Connection screen.

Then tap the workout you want to import.

Then select the pieces to import and tap Import x pieces.

You run out of battery. You'll need to charge your phone enough to import the workout from the Concept2. If you are on a team, tell your coxswain, and they'll help.

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